Photo by  Brian Powers

Photo by Brian Powers

During my time as a photojournalist, my friends have asked, "What's been your favorite story?" My answer surprised them.

I'll never forget the countless sideline passes. The last second, game-winning field goals, the presidential and political speeches. But the stories that I love to share are the ones I made with the people I've met on my way to where I am now. Like the Hall of Fame swimmer-gone-Hollywood screenwriter. Or the most patient, loving parents who are raising a 10-year-old shaken baby syndrome survivor. Or the high school amputee golfer, swimmer and runner with a prosthetic limb, who has inspired young and old to pursue their dreams, no matter what adversity they face.

This is why I love what I do. Despite the unknown future of the industry, despite the long hours, tight deadlines and fierce competition, I love taking photos. I love meeting new people and seeing new places. I often spend more time talking to people than taking their photos because their stories are so compelling and I want to tell those stories through my lens.